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A. J. Baker, PhD, PE

Professor Emeritus
University of Tennessee

Class Meetings:
Anytime ! - Online !

Finite Elements Computational Engineering Sciences,
A.J. Baker (2012),
John Wiley, London

Online at website

Reference materials: undergraduate engineering texts in heat transfer, system dynamics, mechanics of materials,
fluid mechanics

PSE laboratory:
24/7 totally flexible,
reporting online at website

Course Grading
Problem assignments 1/4
Lab reports 1/2
Final exam 1/4

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  This website supports the text-based capstone experience exposing finite element analysis with computing practice.  Accuracy, convergence and stability studies are Matlab-enabled using .m files keyed to the FEmPSE toolbox download.  Discipline-specific design optimization studies employ the accessible COMSOL Multi-Physics Problem Solving Environment (PSE) .mph files.  

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