About the UT CFD Lab  


Academic Mission: To conduct forefront academic research in computational engineering sciences weak form theory and computing practice, to bring cutting-edge simulation capability to focus in assisting commercial industry do a better job of engineering design optimization. The historical research has been continuum computational fluid dynamics/heat/mass transport, collectively called "CFD,", a subject permeating a wide range of engineering design for optimal performance.

The UT CFD Laboratory exemplified the venue that industry has assimilated to keep pace in computer-based engineering system simulation. All MSc/PhD students, plus participating industry scientists and engineers, conducted applications in this exemplary computing environment promoting rapid conversion of theory musings into computing practice.


Research Facilities: The UT CFD Laboratory lecture/computing facility well supported the educational/research mission of the graduate Engineering Science focus in the computational engineering sciences.

Research projects conducted through the UT CFD Lab also interacted with the UT-ORNL Joint Institute for Computational Sciences (JICS) for high-performance computing research in CFD.


The Lighter Side: The field of CFD is populated with bright colorful people with a sense of humor. Touch the following for trips to the lighter side: