Internet Courses   

Internet provides the totally time- and distance-insensitive venue for academic outreach. With Dr. Baker's retirement to Professor Emeritus, only the undergraduate course ME 452 remains accessible via Internet. The course is senior level UG, by which time all basic UG mechanics courses are completed, and it may be taken for graduate credit.

Finite Element Analysis - ME 452w: A senior level undergraduate course introducing finite element analysis basics leading to computing practices. Finite element methodology converts weak form theorization for engineering conservation principles with physics closure models, in the continuum!, into "computable form."   A truly unique attribute of this process is identification of a rigorous theory which admits precise quantification! of the approximation error associated with the process. ME 452w may be taken for credit or audit, for transfer credit to their home university by non-UT students, and/or professional self-study through UT CFD Laboratory outreach (touch Collaboratory on the homepage). Your receiving site needs only a respectable PC and a DSL Internet connection. All course lectures are digitally archived, hence those missed or desired reviewed are available anytime!


MPI Instructions

  • MPI Instructions Webpage
  • MPI Download

  • MPI Code Download
  • Final Project

    1. Molecular Dynamics: LAMMPS, Helpful Link
    2. Dense Matrix Solver: LAPACK, ScaLAPACK, Helpful Examples
    3. Heat Equation: Trilinos, FEM Code
    4. Parallel Quicksort: Helpful Links
    5. Performance: HPL, FPMPI-2