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Welcome to the website for the UT Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) Laboratory, formerly an academic component of the Mechanical, Aerospace and Biomedical Engineering (MABE) Department. With the recent retirement of Dr. A.J. Baker to Professor Emeritus, the MSc-PhD Engineering Science CFD-focused graduate academic program he developed is no longer accepting graduate students. Following summarizes program alterations.

  • Graduate Certificate in CFD: the completely Internet-enabled requisite graduate course sequence ES 551, ES 552, ES 645 is no longer being offered. The Internet-enabled senior UG level "Finite Element Analysis" academic course with a dozen hands-on computer-based labs verifying theory across the spectrum of heat transfer, structural mechanics, mechanical vibrations, fluid mechanics and scalar transport remains an academic offering each semester. Since the course is a department elective, it may be taken by entering graduate students for graduate credit.

  • The Computational Engineering Sciences (2006): textbook, an outgrowth of ME 452 course development, is the third text authored by Professor Baker (ISBN 0-9790459-0-8). The focus is discrete implementation of weak form mathematical constructions in the computational engineering sciences. The included DVD contains the Matlab toolbox (FEmPSE), also all .m and COMSOL .mph files for execution of the computer lab exercises. It also contains 8 RealPlayer-streamed topical lectures from the Internet archive. It is available at the UT Bookstore or from the publisher The frontispiece material can be viewed here .

  • Optimal Modified Continuous Galerkin CFD (2012): is Professor Baker's fourth text writing exercise (ISBN 0-9790459-5-9), currently completed through Chapter 7. It replaces his pioneering text Finite Element Computational Fluid Mechanics (1983) (ISBN 0-89116-472-3). The focus is to organize and collate the results of two decades of Galerkin weak form CFD algorithm optimization, in the linear basis discrete implementation, generated by dissertation research completed under the aegis of the UT CFD Laboratory. It has been accepted for publication under the John Wiley marque.

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