ut.gif (353 bytes) CFD Lab Theses/Dissertations


  • Andrew Kail, MSc
    Thesis title: An Interoperable Executive Library for Loosely Coupled Physics Systems.

  • Mikhail Sekachev, PhD
    Dissertation title: Essentially Analytical Theory Closure for Space Filtered Thermal-Incompressible Navier-Stokes Partial Differential Equation System on Bounded Domains.


  • Elton Freeman, MSc
    Thesis title: Validation of Weak Form Thermal Analysis Algorithms Spporting Thermal Signature Generation.


  • Jack Holder, MSc
    Thesis title: The Effect of Bluff Body Flameholders on the Inter-Turbine Burner.


  • Shashank Karra, MSc
    Thesis title: Vascular Hemodynamics CFD Modeling.

  • Scott Lusted, MSc
    Thesis title: CFD Characterization of Automotive Inflator-Generated Gas Distribution Processes.


  • Sunil Sahu, PhD
    Dissertation title: A Theory for Modified Conservation Principles Optimization of CFD Algorithm Fidelity.

  • Marcel A. Grubert, PhD
    Dissertation title: Development of a Potentially Accurate and Efficient LES CFD Algorithm to Predict Heat and Mass Transport in Inhabited Spaces.


  • W. Reid Williams, MSc
    Thesis title: A Validation Simulation of a Large Pool Fire.


  • Mark Yambert, MSc
    Thesis title: Extension of the continuity constraint algorithm to variable density flow.


  • Kevin Kilpatrick, PhD
    Dissertation title: A preconditional Krylov Subspace Approach to a tightly coupled aeromechanical System.

  • Shawn Ericson, MSc
    Thesis title: A CFD Laboratory Archive supporting the academic process.


  • Zachariah Chambers, PhD
    Dissertation title: A Characteristics Finite Element Algorithm for Computational Open Channel Flow Analysis

  • J.Michael Barton, PhD
    Dissertation title: Renormalization group analysis of turbulent flow in a square duct

  • Alexy Kolesnikov, PhD
    Dissertation title: Efficient implementation of high order methods in computational fluid dynamics

  • Atish Mitra, MSc
    Thesis title: On improved performance for a pressure projection algorithm for incompressible Navier-Stokes


  • David Chaffin, PhD
    Dissertation title: A Taylor weak statement finite element method for computational fluid dynamics

  • Allen Crabtree, MSc
    Thesis title: The effect of inlet blockage configuration on flow behavior in rectangular channels


  • Tim McKnight, MSc
    Thesis title: An improved determination of calibration gas corrections for a typical thermal mass flowmeter design


  • Jing Zhang, PhD
    Dissertation title: A selective Taylor weak statement based, quadrature-free finite element algorithm for aerodynamic flow

  • Kwai Wong, PhD
    Dissertation title: A parallel finite element algorithm for 3-D incompressible flow in velocity-vorticity form

  • Dee Wong, PhD
    Dissertation title: Fire modeling: application of a finite element CFD method to 3-D fire simulation based on boyant viscous flow with radiation

  • Lamar Lepard, MSc
    Thesis title: Implementation of time step control methods for CFD algorithm stability and efficiency


  • Subrata Roy, PhD
    Dissertation title: On improved methods for monotone CFD solution accuracy

  • Kara Kruse, MSc
    Thesis title: An analysis of a ceramic molding process


  • Paul Williams, PhD
    Dissertation title: A three-dimensional, time-accurate, incompressible, Navier-Stokes finite element CFD algorithm

  • Ed Schaub, MSc
    Thesis title: Critical assessments of finite element CFD methodology for 2-D room air motion simulation


  • James Downing Freels, PhD
    Dissertation title: A Taylor Weak Statement Finite Element Algorithm for Real-Gas Compressible Navier-Stokes Simulation